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One-to-One Mentoring

My one-to-one mentoring packages will help you overcome the obstacles that prevent your sucess.

On my coaching programs you and or your team will gain and develop a high performance mindset programmed for success, including:

  • An attitude of fearlessness and unstoppable confidence
  • A cutting edge system for implementing strategies
  • Your own unique blueprint for success
  • Better quality business and personal relationships
  • More success achieved quicker
  • More happiness in your business and personal life
  • Improved and enhanced business and marketing systems

I will help you save time, money, wasted energy, avoid the stress and pain of doing the painful tasks in your property business which sometimes leads you to feeling inadequate and like a failure.

With my guidance I can save from you taking any unnecessary risks. I can help you think in new ways that will save you from making poor choices and decisions especially when that negative voice inside wants to self sabotage you.

By working with me you will gain massive amounts of time. The time it will take you to succeed will be fractional compared to the stress and pain of trying to work it out yourself.

Mentoring Packages

Telephone (or Skype) Coaching

Sometimes there isn’t always possible to get away from the home or office. Sometimes there’s one particular issue that you can’t quite let go of or deal with. Sometimes you need to be held to account, supported and encouraged.

In these cases a one-to-one package is perfect. The coaching will be carried out by telephone at times and days to suit you. There is no contract, simply pay as you go. My coaching includes unlimited email support and 1 phone call per week.

2-Day Intensive Intervention

An intervention is a life changing experience. It’s an opportunity to replace fear, anger, emotional stress and childhood trauma, with love, peace and real joy – it gives you the opportunity to see your family and the rest of the world in a new light.

As part of your intervention fee, you will be provided with a 2 night stay in a beautiful country setting in the North Kent region. You will have a wonderfully relaxed and effortless stay at a self catered cottage, with your own kitchen, lounge, bedroom and bathroom space. I will attend the 2/3 days with you on site, so you get to nest into your personal space as you discover what feeling unconditionally loved really looks, sounds and feels like.

There is ongoing support is to ensure that you continue to implement unconditional love into every area of your life. I will personally be available for you via email and Skype calls for up to a year from your intervention, at a frequency that suits you.

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